Tweet #DivineMercy on #DivineMercySunday

Sacred Heart Stained Glass Fr Lew

It seems like the thing to do. Especially given the jubilee of mercy proclamation from Pope Frances at St. Peter’s this #EasterSaturday. Some people don’t tweet. You’re probably better off, truth be told. Other people have an account and use it to follow sports and news and some friends and interesting tweeters. Some of you [Read More...]


comes from experiencing God’s mercy. Once again, Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square, on the Sunday after Easter, speaks of Divine mercy. It is the message the world is desperate to hear. Which is why he keeps repeating himself. More from the Vatican Radio translation: Peace be with you. These words – he said – [Read More...]

Is This the Sunday When Easter Comes Down to Earth?


I love Divine Mercy Sunday. I love everything about it. In a sense, it is everything. Imagine for a moment if we were all beacons of Divine Mercy, showing mercy, piercing hearts with the Easter message with a smile or a word or an act. Our every word could open hearts to God’s merciful love. [Read More...]