Ten #DivineMercy Tweets that Caught My Eye on #DivineMercySunday (2015)


1. Happy #DivineMercySunday! We invite you to read #StJohnPaulII’s #encyclical on #DivineMercy: http://t.co/Wglt2kGouB pic.twitter.com/UsrORl1Rks — Fr. Ed Benioff (@RadiateLA) April 12, 2015 2. Our parish priest quoted a little of this beautiful piece from #shakespeare today during his sermon #DivineMercy pic.twitter.com/x8kXPFSK07 — CatholicBirmingham (@BhamCatholics) April 12, 2015 3. #Jesus told #StFaustina: 'Humanity will not find [Read More...]

Tweet #DivineMercy on #DivineMercySunday

Sacred Heart Stained Glass Fr Lew

It seems like the thing to do. Especially given the jubilee of mercy proclamation from Pope Frances at St. Peter’s this #EasterSaturday. Some people don’t tweet. You’re probably better off, truth be told. Other people have an account and use it to follow sports and news and some friends and interesting tweeters. Some of you [Read More...]

Tweet a Station of the Cross During the #DivineMercy Hour (3 P.M. EST) Today


Today is the last Friday before Good Friday. At three P.M. next week I certainly hope Christians have the opportunity to turn electronics off and go offline, entering into the kind of deep in prayer appropriate to recalling the day Christ died for us. Today, though, as we’re out and about — maybe during lunch [Read More...]

Why Go to a Priest for Confession?

You know how Pope Francis keeps repeating himself? How he keeps talking about the mercy of God and pleading with the world to go to our tender, loving Father? On Divine Mercy Sunday at high noon Mass in Washington, D.C., Archbishop Joseph Augustine DiNoia, O.P. ran with this clear theme — so needed by the [Read More...]

Renewing Beauty

I’m not always a Christian video kinda gal, but can you watch this and not want to be this kid with the old-school Polaroid? [Read more...]

The World Needs Us Standing at the Foot of Calvary


And resting in this knowledge: The Cross leads us spiritually to Calvary. With Mary we stand at the feet of the dying Christ. The Cross speaks to us of the mercy of God. Let us be won over by this boundless mercy that summons us, transfigures us, and saves us. It is the way to [Read More...]

Want to Win the Race? Meet these Women. Walk with these Women.


Our culture has an overwhelming treasure in the rich history of good, strong, dynamic, courageous women who understood the human condition, lived lives of service, sacrifice, rigor, joy and the truest freedom. Catholics begin the month of November every year celebrating the feast of All Saints, a crowd that includes some of the most impressive [Read More...]

Living in and Through Christ’s Wounds


Continuing my interview with Dawn Eden about her book, My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints, she discusses the wounds of Christ. To borrow a question you raise: “How can Jesus’ wounds draw me closer to him?” Because this seems like a question for all Christians, for anyone [Read More...]