About Dorothy Day

George Weigel writes in his book Practicing Catholic: Despite her political myopia about the likes of Fidel Castro, the Catholic radicalism of Dorothy Day was far more Catholic in its sense of the drama of sin and grace than the vapid liberalism that dominated the post-Vatican II Church. Dorothy Day is all too often misunderstood [Read More...]

Thank You, Georgetown Professor!

In response to some of the shock-awe-coverage of Cardinal Dolan being a fan of Dorothy Day, John Hirsch, an English professor at Georgetown, writes: “it is a religious, not only political, vision that moved her, and it is that which effectively set her apart from a purely political agenda, and engages us still today.” Thank [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan’s Rightward March?

The New York Times highlights the U.S. Catholic bishops’ enthusiasm to see Dorothy Day’s canonization cause move forward. And how convenient that a “conservative” cardinal — New York’s Timothy Cardinal Dolan — is leading the effort, allowing him to reach across party lines, so to speak, the Times observes. (The headline is: “In Hero of [Read More...]

Want to Win the Race? Meet these Women. Walk with these Women.


Our culture has an overwhelming treasure in the rich history of good, strong, dynamic, courageous women who understood the human condition, lived lives of service, sacrifice, rigor, joy and the truest freedom. Catholics begin the month of November every year celebrating the feast of All Saints, a crowd that includes some of the most impressive [Read More...]

A Day in the Life of Faith

We are in the second week of a Year of Faith, and in the Magnificat Year of Faith Companion yesterday was an entry not to be overlooked. It was from the writings of Dorothy Day and in it she cuts to the core of what a Year of Faith, and our lives, ought to be [Read More...]