Ten Easter Monday Things that Caught My Eye Today (April 6, 2015)


1. Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P.: He comes and he says to the women and to you and me: Chairete, that is, ‘Rejoice in my grace; be filled with God’s favour’. Hence, he comes and encounters them; the Risen Lord gives himself to them. For it is only through a real encounter with Christ that we [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan Takes to the Sunday Show Pulpit, Preaching the Message of True Freedom

I’m forever uncomfortable with the concept of the Sunday morning political talk shows. As someone both naturally inclined to and professionally obligated to watch such shows, I have always wanted them to be Saturday morning shows. I would watch Firing Line then back in the day and I would happily watch these news chat shows [Read More...]

Easter Monday Morning


There was sunlight this morning sneaking in through the cracks in a curtain as I made coffee. They appeared as if a kiss from a Creator , sending his children off onto another day. Another Monday, another second cup of coffee. This one is different, though. Of course. Of course? We’ve walked the road to [Read More...]