Edith Stein and the Countercultural Single Ladies

Politicians are forever talking about women’s freedom but real freedom is more radical than our culture is comfortable with. Based on remarks she delivered at Notre Dame last weekend, Elise Italiano helps unpack just what it is that the Gospel means in the lives of women, writing about what Edith Stein might advise her single [Read More...]

71 Years Ago Today, She Was Killed at Auschwitz

Today is the feast day of Edith Stein, who died as a Carmelite, Sr. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. During her canonization Mass in 1998, Pope John Paul II, said: Although Edith Stein had been brought up religiously by her Jewish mother, at the age of 14 she “had consciously and deliberately stopped praying”. She [Read More...]

Want to Win the Race? Meet these Women. Walk with these Women.


Our culture has an overwhelming treasure in the rich history of good, strong, dynamic, courageous women who understood the human condition, lived lives of service, sacrifice, rigor, joy and the truest freedom. Catholics begin the month of November every year celebrating the feast of All Saints, a crowd that includes some of the most impressive [Read More...]

‘total self-giving in response to Christ’s love poured out for us from the Cross’

In Buffalo, New York (which we down-staters sometimes forget is the same state!) on Friday, Bishop Richard J. Malone was installed. Friday was also the feast of St. Lawrence, the day after the feast of Edith Stein. In his homily, Bishop Malone took the opportunity to reflect on the martyrdom of the two and the call of the Christian [Read More...]

Who Couldn’t Use a Makeover?

In her recent book, Extreme Makeover, Teresa Tomeo talks about her reintroduction to the Catholic faith of her youth. I did an interview with her touching on many of the issues the HHS mandate has brought up in ways clarifying and confusing. And I saved a little of the recatechetical talk for here: How do [Read More...]