False Narrative, False Divide: Social Justice vs. Pro-Life Catholics

Also on The World Over this week, George Weigel additionally made the point that: “There is no such division,” as the one we’ve been seeing in polls and in vice-presidential debates, on account of the vice president, between so-called pro-life and pro-social-justice Catholics. “The teaching of JPII and Benedict XVI has made unmistakably clear that [Read More...]

Radio Killed the Blogging Star?!

Not that I am one, but online is where I have lived for a very long time, relatively speaking. And so, as I often find when talking — I was just on EWTN’s radio show Catholic Answers Live (with Thom Price filling in for Patrick Coffin) for an hour — I want to embed media [Read More...]

Rita Rizzo, Trailblazer


Last night I watched some of the most joy-filled children rejoice in the love of Christ as they welcomed Pope Benedict to their home here. It was beautiful and inspiring and uplifting. I was watching it live on EWTN, where Raymond Arroyo is anchoring the trip live. It was a reminder to me of how [Read More...]