Need a Good Friday Gateway Drug?

The Order of Preachers — the Dominicans — help here. If you are looking for a way into the Passion today, this video beautifully illustrates the prayer of this day: Canticum de Passione Domini from Province of Saint Joseph on Vimeo. The text comes from Catherine di Ricci, a 16th-century Dominican saint from Italy, reflecting [Read More...]

Venerate the Cross with Your Life


Do you ever have one of those days you wish you could bottle? Yesterday was one of those days for me. But I couldn’t bottle it. And I put in a request but there was no extension. Those requests for 25-hour days and 35-day months just never do seem to get granted. The takeaway message [Read More...]

Why on Earth Would We Call Yesterday ‘Good’?

Cardinal Dolan at my home cathedral yesterday.   [Read more...]

Herod Lives — on Twitter


Twitter is a funny thing I still haven’t figured out how to use well. In one sense it could be considered an example of some of the worst of the modern age, encouraging the attention-deficit-disorder lifestyles of the era. But it presents this opportunity to catch people in a moment. They’re in a cab or [Read More...]

Just One Look

When we gaze on the Blessed Sacrament, our Lord gives us this same look he gave Peter, a look of mercy. Pope Benedict XVI said earlier this year in an installment of his catechesis on prayer: Luke the Evangelist has retained a further precious element of the events of the Last Supper that enables us [Read More...]