Do You Have Anything to Say About The Change?

In case you haven’t had to notice yet, the definition of religious liberty has changed in recent days, by order of regulators at the Department of Health and Human Services. That’s the power this president believes is appropriate. And the HHS rule mandating employers provide coverage for contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs that was announced [Read More...]

Tom Harkin & the Redefinition of Religious Freedom

It hurts my heart a little to hear Barbara Mikulski introduce my fellow Catholic University graduate Senator Tom Harkin during an Affordable Care Act tribute this morning in the Senate. “Men of quality never are shy about supporting women who seek equality,” Maryland’s Mikulski said in introducing her colleague from Idaho Iowa. But forcing Americans [Read More...]

The Reformation Is Over?

I do open my piece on National Review Online today about evangelicals and Catholics suing the federal government together with a colorful quote involving Martin Luther. Evangelical Wheaton College joining the Catholic University of America in suing the Department of Health and Human Services over is contraception/sterilization/abortion-inducing-drug mandate did give me the opportunity to meet [Read More...]

Mitt Romney and the Tower of Babel

Cynicism about politics is real and widespread and justified. And despite relentless hyperventilating about Citizens United, it’s not the money that is at the heart of the problem. Our politics has become a bit terrifyingly like the biblical story of the tower of Babel. All too often, political communicators are speaking — or texting — [Read More...]

Why Did Mitt Romney Get a Standing Ovation Today?

Because we still value religious liberty? [Read more...]

‘religion is our lifeline and a sort of love letter to our families, our ancestors, and our better selves’

I have an interview up on National Review Online with David Gelernter about the revolution that has taken place in the United States in recent decades. You might find his discussion of religion of particular interest. Here: Post-religious thinkers don’t even live on the same spiritual planet as Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish Americans. Old-time atheists [Read More...]

Can You Tell Me How We Got to the HHS Mandate?

This seems appropriate to quote; it is part of the picture: The content of the spiritual life is defined for Christians by fulfilling obligations of love towards their neighbor — but those obligations do not arise from a doctrine of human rights: they derive from the command of Christ. The difference is crucial: when Christians [Read More...]

Meet Melissa, a Catholic Voice for Freedom


The Fortnight of Freedom continues during a historic week in the United States, as we all await the Supreme Court’s ruling on the president’s health care law. Whatever happens Thursday, conscience rights remain unprotected in the U.S., and the education and prayers of these 14 days will remain a service to all Americans who value [Read More...]