What If Pope Francis Gave a Pro-Life Homily and No One Noticed? What If He Begged Us to Change Our Hearts and No One Listened?

The Child of Bethlehem is frail, like all newborn children. He cannot speak and yet he is the Word made flesh who came to transform the hearts and lives of all men and women. This Child, like every other child, is vulnerable; he needs to be accepted and protected. Today too, children need to be [Read More...]

A Walk Into the Deep


You turn a corner and see a sign. “Holy Sepulchre.” And there it is. Right there. Right here. He died here. For us. Because of us. Because of me. By the time you make it in and up the stairs to Calvary, it’s all too appropriate that you would encounter His mother, her heart pierced. [Read More...]

Tissues & Thanksgiving


Cold. Rain. Snow. Slippery steps and walkways. That’s my Jerusalem experience. And so it’s no surprise that I’m coughing, congested, and tired after walking the Via Dolorosa in the early morning in that. But there was no blood. No heavy cross. No scourging for me! Just annoyances. Just inconveniences. What a blessing a cough is. [Read More...]


Always a Manhattanite, I took a cab up to Mount Tabor. [Read more...]

Climb Every Mountain


It’s hard not to welcome this past Sunday’s gospel. It’s a source of strength even today, as it was meant to be for the Apostles who witnessed the Transfiguration of Christ. Jesus took Peter, James, and John and led them up a high mountain apart by themselves. And he was transfigured before them, and his clothes [Read More...]

There Is More to Life than Super Tuesday (Really!)

Preliminary thoughts from the Holy Land. [Read more...]

Not Just a Message for a Ben Gurion Audience

As I alluded to, I’ve been in the Holy Land. I hope to share aspects of the trip here throughout Lent. John Paul II Pope Benedict XVI said in May 2009 upon arrival at the Tel Aviv airport: Christian communities in the Holy Land, I say: by your faithful witness to him who preached forgiveness and [Read More...]

Holy, Holy, Holy

It was a ten-hour flight from Newark to Tel Aviv and the highlight — besides the beautiful, totally in love after decades of marriage, Portuguese couple sitting next to me — was the Jewish men standing, praying, with their prayer shawls and phylacteries. “I took out my Magnificat,” passenger after passenger told me after landing [Read More...]