14 Things that Caught My Eye about #HolyThursday Today (2015)


1. I can’t believe it is Holy Thursday 2015 already. Lent is over. The Holy Triduum is here. God bless you. Do sign offline if you can today or and tomorrow. Encounter the Savior who died for us sinners. 2. What kind of life will you live? #HolyThursday #Triduum #generosity http://t.co/T6gSgyMEBe — Dynamic Catholic (@DynamicCatholic) [Read More...]

Can You Read This Without Crying?

“Let us feel Jesus’ healing tonight.” [Read more...]

The Pope and the Girls in Rome

Troubled girls at a detention center for juvenile delinquents. In a world where men and women need healing and boys and girls and young men and women need to know there is hope for their lives and a reason for them to go on and seek any good. And so the bishop of Rome, as [Read More...]

Avoiding the Mistakes of Judas

When we speak ill of others, we are imitating Judas. We commodify people like Judas did to the Son of God. I’ve been reflecting on Pope Francis’s short homily to the workers at his current home at Domus Sanctae Marthae in the Vatican. (Friends of mine who stayed there during the Ecclesia in America conference [Read More...]

About Last Night


And for every night, morning, noon, and moment: Jesus struggles with the Father. He struggles with himself. And he struggles for us. He experiences anguish before the power of death. First and foremost this is simply the dread natural to every living creature in the face of death. In Jesus, however, something more is at [Read More...]

We Must Pray for Our Priests

God bless us this Holy Thursday. And how he has! Tonight we mark the Last Supper — the first of many for us. And we mark the institution of the priesthood, such a blessed gift to bring us the Eucharist and God’s sacramental mercy. Our good and holy priests are brave men in our culture. [Read More...]

A Luminous Gift

Fr. Victor Brown, O.P., writes: Shortly before his death, Pope Blessed John Paul II instituted another set of mysteries to be used by the Church in praying the Rosary.  They are intended to help us meditate upon the public life of Our Divine Lord.  The Holy Father called them “the luminous mysteries – the mysteries [Read More...]