‘literally out the ashes rises hope’

A first Sunday Mass at St. Thomas More Church in the hurricane-ravaged Breezy Point, a largely Catholic community. His parish church, congressman Bob Turner said: “My house was among those totally destroyed and we lost a lot of great stuff, but everybody is OK…. We’ll get through it.” “I think we’ll turn our attention to [Read More...]

‘The Best, the Most Noble’ on Display in Response to Sandy’s Devastation

“There is a real sense of what Blessed John Paul II called solidarity: People coming together in love and support,” in the midst of the wreck Hurricane Sandy wrought, New York’s Cardinal Dolan said in an interview today. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com [Read more...]

I Laughed When I Read This

Because I did actually manage to get a cab a half hour before the storm hit landfall. It was challenging. Walter Russell Mead writes: Manhattan is one of those places where nature seems mostly held at bay. Except for the parks, oases of carefully preserved nature deliberately shaped by the hand of man, every inch [Read More...]