Mitt Romney on Fiat

Mitt Romney’s speech in Jerusalem was necessarily political. But it was hard not to notice he was speaking not far from where Christ was born and crucified. Christ’s death-defying life involved one Nazarene young woman’s “yes.” And in his speech this morning in Warsaw, Romney reflected on the significance a simple “yes” or “no” — [Read More...]

About Taking Up Crosses and Following Him


I do not know if there is a better way to be serious about just that than the Way of the Cross. Praying station to station. As I’ve mentioned, I recently prayed it in Jerusalem, on a cold, wet, snowy pre-dawn morning. We used Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s text. But you don’t have to be physically [Read More...]

Let There Be Peace on Earth


I had dinner Thursday night in Bethlehem across the street from that awful wall dividing Bethlehem and Jerusalem, so direly reminiscent of Germany’s past. So Gregory of Nyssa’s medidation in the Magnificat for the first of March took on some added significance. “Recognizing Christ as ‘peace,’ we shall exhibit the true title of Christian in [Read More...]