Twelve Catholic Things that Caught My Eye on St. Polycarp Day (2015)


1. Becoming Holy Like God Through the Perfection of Love for God and the Needy — homily notes and audio from Fr. Roger Landry (whose birthday is today) for the First Monday in Lent. It’s a bit of an examination of conscience. Some examples (bold added): • When we see someone who’s hungry or thirsty, [Read More...]

How Can We Live the Gospel?


Lent “might be understood as a yearly journey from ashes to living flame, from death to life,” Fr. R. Scott Hurd writes in his handy Lenten reflection book, The Living Gospel (the Kindle edition is 99 cents on Amazon — and bound edition is not much more!). Also the author of a book on forgiveness, [Read More...]

We Will Always Need a Savior

A friend shared earlier today that her young son asked if he could start Lent over again. Indeed! We’ll fall, but we can get back up! Knowing we are failing, wanting to be better, means we know we need a Savior. And thanks be to God we have one. On Sunday we heard the Gospel [Read More...]

Questions for Today. Now.

A priest poses them, after a reflection you might take the time to read and meditate on for a few moments during this busy day: It is Lent 2013, Tuesday of the first week. How’s your prayer going? How’s mine? It is this turning to God that is so utterly crucial in our world today, [Read More...]

Lent with Love

This isn’t theologically correct, but I do feel a bit like Lent began Monday this year for Catholics, with the humility of the Holy Father demonstrated so boldly in his shocking, loving announcement. In his Lenten message, the Holy Father reflects: Christians are people who have been conquered by Christ’s love and accordingly, under the [Read More...]

We Must Pray for Our Priests

God bless us this Holy Thursday. And how he has! Tonight we mark the Last Supper — the first of many for us. And we mark the institution of the priesthood, such a blessed gift to bring us the Eucharist and God’s sacramental mercy. Our good and holy priests are brave men in our culture. [Read More...]

A Lenten Tipping Point?


Yesterday was the Third Sunday in Lent. How quickly we pass from Ash Wednesday to the First Sunday in Lent and, well, here we are. The clock does keep ticking. And it’s not too late to have a holy Lent. Maybe you’ve given up booze or added a decade of the Rosary. Maybe not even [Read More...]

Confronting Our ‘Practical Atheism’

From Los Angeles Archbishop Gomez: Original sin disfigured and disordered the divine image in the human person and led God to speak those sad words that we hear on Ash Wednesday: “You are dust, and to dust you shall return.” But those words point us to the promise of hope — that humanity will rise [Read More...]