For the Holy Week Soundtrack

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Palm Sunday Closing Thought


How do we ever read through that Gospel from today and not walk away unchanged? At the Mass I attended in Virginia today, we sang: Were you there when they crucified my Lord? … Were you there when they nailed him to the tree?… Were you there when they pierced him in the side? … [Read More...]

Where Are the Women? Taking Us to the Eucharist.

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Since he is most noticed these days at congressional hearings, I thought you would enjoy Bishop William Lori discussing Mary and the Eucharist: Who better to help us grow in our understanding and love of the Eucharist than Mary, the Mother of our Lord and “the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit” (Rosary of the Virgin [Read More...]

Winning Souls with Hebrews

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This is about the moment during some Lents where I have been known to panic. Where has the liturgical season gone? If you are in that boat this year, as you read this, be still and make this final week rich, walking with Christ with a new dedication. One place to start: If you have [Read More...]

Winning Souls with Cardinal Dolan

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What’s Holy Week about? Cardinal Dolan takes a stab at in a web video: “Passing over.” “Put to death selfishness,” Cardinal Dolan urges. “Put to death falsehood. Put to death lies. Put to death sin.” (Gratuitous photo from my Lenten trip to the Holy Land.) And “pass over” with Christ “to renewal and freedom and grace [Read More...]

Did You Read Magnificat Last Sunday? It May Just Draw You to Christ.


  This one comes from the late British poet Caryll Houselander: Look at this cross, so much bigger than the man whose body will be stretched to fit it. So much higher than the height of the man who will be lifted up above the earth on it and who, being lifted up, will draw [Read More...]