Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today

1. From Arkansas: When he was around 12 years old, Luis Miguel Pacheco, a frustrated, suffering kid in Mexico, told God he hated him. Just 16 years later, God changed his heart and is working through him to serve the Church. 2.From St. Clement I, from today’s Liturgy of the Hours: Give us grace, Lord, [Read More...]

The Human Family, an Icon of God


Scott Hahn’s new book, Joy to the World: How Christ’s Coming Changed Everything (and Still Does), is a beautiful one. In it he writes about the Holy Family, whose feast we celebrate today: Salvation arrives by way of the family — the Holy Family. The household of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph became a “home away [Read More...]

Yes, the Pope’s Speech Monday Is Pretty Awesome

It’s also very typical of him. Give or take a few details, it’s a great guide to an examination of conscience for anyone. (More thoughts here.) As Greg Erlandson puts it in a column in Our Sunday Visitor reflecting on the North Korean Sony hacking (of all things!): As Catholics, we know that none of [Read More...]

Going Along for a Ride with Pope Francis

By now, many have a favorite photo of Pope Francis. His moments with Vinicio Riva is certainly a leading contender. The news.va site — one of the best places to go to read what the pope is actually saying on a regular basis — has a great image of Fr. Federico Lombardi of the Vatican [Read More...]

He Never Tired of Repeating That Only Name that Counts

Today (August 20) has been the feast day of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, a saint close to the heart of the pope emeritus, Benedict XVI. To know St. Bernard is to understand what passion flows from the heart of God for man. In the Liturgy of the Hours today is this from the abbot of [Read More...]

Was Your Prayer a Failure?

This was one of the questions a journalist asked Pope Francis on the plane ride back to Rome from Korea: Given what has happened in Gaza, was the Prayer for Peace held in the Vatican on June 8 a failure? Pope Francis answered, in part (according to the English transcript reporter Gerald O’Connell wrote up, [Read More...]

For Korea, for St. Louis, for the World

A few words about peace from Pope Francis, upon landing in Korea: The quest for peace also represents a challenge for each of us, and in a particular way for those of you dedicated to the pursuit of the common good of the human family through the patient work of diplomacy. It is the perennial [Read More...]

Do Not Let Yourself Be Robbed of Faith, Hope, Love, Joy

All too often, in the busy-ness of life, in the overwhelming gravity of news headlines, immersed in a popular culture that all too often keeps us mired in our worst (and basest) habits and instincts, we let ourselves get robbed of that something more we’re made for. Toward that, I end my syndicated column this [Read More...]