Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today

1. From Arkansas: When he was around 12 years old, Luis Miguel Pacheco, a frustrated, suffering kid in Mexico, told God he hated him. Just 16 years later, God changed his heart and is working through him to serve the Church. 2.From St. Clement I, from today’s Liturgy of the Hours: Give us grace, Lord, [Read More...]

A Star Shines Brightly Over Northwest Ohio Harvest

This past weekend I was passing through and happened to have the honor of being in northwest Ohio where Fr. Matthew Frisbee was celebrating his first Mass at All Saints Church in Rossford. One got the impression from the start that Mass was filled — and packed it was — with people all well-aware of [Read More...]

Father! Father!

One of the surprising delights of the new movie Gimmie Shelter is the presence of a Catholic priest. Inspired by a real Catholic priest working with Several Sources Shelters, James Earl Jones plays the father whose wisdom, and guidance and love a girl called Apple so needs. He arrives after she’s reached the point of [Read More...]

Pope Francis and the Good Priest

This piece is almost prophetic in the sense that the tea leaves were being read before the pope delivered his Chrism Mass homily directed to priests; Fr. Roger Landry writes about the reform of the priesthood that will likely mark Pope Frances’s time as pope: One of the most urgent reforms facing him is the [Read More...]

We Must Pray for Our Priests

God bless us this Holy Thursday. And how he has! Tonight we mark the Last Supper — the first of many for us. And we mark the institution of the priesthood, such a blessed gift to bring us the Eucharist and God’s sacramental mercy. Our good and holy priests are brave men in our culture. [Read More...]

Can There Be Such a Thing as an Impetuous Practicality?

Fr. Robert Spitzer seems to embody it here in an interview with my friend Tom Hoopes: OSV: …When did you realize you were called? Father Spitzer: It happened on a strange day on my way to work. I really liked my work. I was well paid and I was working for an accountant. But I [Read More...]