Religious Freedom Daily

An important and clarifying piece from Ilya Shapiro: As the world awaits the Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare, there’s a larger story that the pundits are missing: the court’s rejection of the Obama administration’s increasingly extreme claims on behalf of unlimited federal power. This term alone, the high court has ruled unanimously against the government [Read More...]

Religious Freedom Daily

Everyday if everyone reading here sent one article on religious freedom to one person, shared one article on a social media site … just one small educational act, everyone here would be participating in protecting a fundamental freedom that we’re otherwise on the brink of surrendering. Here’s a brief roundup of some items around the [Read More...]

‘Sober Determination’ in Defense of Religious Freedom

I am particularly delighted that the University of Notre Dame is a party in the lawsuits being filed today in response to the Department of Health and Human Services coercive mandate. I certainly wish the federal government would not be eroding religious liberty in America, but I am tremendously grateful that Notre Dame is taking [Read More...]

Defend and Advance Religious Freedom in Full

A call to action from George Weigel, speaking at the commencement exercises at Benedictine College in Kansas. [Read more...]

You Simply Must Read Archbishop Chaput’s New Book


It is the challenge of our lives: To be truly Christian. Doing so could just save religious liberty in America, too. Here is my review of his A Heart on Fire: Catholic Witness and the Next America. [Read more...]