Divine Prioritization: If God gave you a to-do list, would you follow it?


Teresa Tomeo is a former Detroit news anchor and currently a radio talk-show host. She is the author of the new book from Image Catholic, a division of Random House titled God’s Bucket List: Heaven’s Surefire Way to Happiness in This Life and Beyond. Surefire happiness? She talks a bit with me about the recipe [Read More...]

You, Too, Can Be Mary Magdalene


“You were meant for relationship first and foremost, of course, for a relationship with God, and then with your brothers and sisters in Christ,” Teresa Tomeo writes. By denying yourself God’s gift of sisterhood, you could be doing damage to yourself. You can’t redo the past. But you can forgive and move past the pain [Read More...]

Who Couldn’t Use a Makeover?

In her recent book, Extreme Makeover, Teresa Tomeo talks about her reintroduction to the Catholic faith of her youth. I did an interview with her touching on many of the issues the HHS mandate has brought up in ways clarifying and confusing. And I saved a little of the recatechetical talk for here: How do [Read More...]