15 Things about the Holy Trinity Today


1. How deep are the riches & the wisdom & the knowledge of God! How inscrutable his judgments, how unsearchable his ways! #Trinity #vespers — Maria VickroyPeralta (@MVickroyPeralta) May 31, 2015 2. From morning prayer: To you, O blessed Trinity, be worship&honor, glory and power, praise and joyful adoration through eternal ages. 3. From St. [Read More...]

The Human Family, an Icon of God


Scott Hahn’s new book, Joy to the World: How Christ’s Coming Changed Everything (and Still Does), is a beautiful one. In it he writes about the Holy Family, whose feast we celebrate today: Salvation arrives by way of the family — the Holy Family. The household of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph became a “home away [Read More...]

You Don’t Have to be a Monk to Be Changed and Transformed


With the Beatitudes as our identity card, we are called to live life “changed and transformed” in the Trinity. Wednesday’s Magnificat had a meditation from Pseudo-Macarius, an Egyptian monk and hermit, that helps those of us who are not in the hermitage. It began: Our souls must be changed and transformed from the present state [Read More...]

The Precious Gift of Each Child

As I’m still sitting by a Christmas tree and a manger scene as I write, I’m sort of stuck at the moment on Christmas and the reality that it needs to penetrate our lives. And I’m finding myself haunted — as we all ought to be, and some of us are, inescapably, with a deep [Read More...]

Your love willed this, O Eternal Trinity.

We have been known to make a cult of youth and our own supposed genius. We seek to invent our own wisdom, instead of going to its Source. Fr. George Rutler reflects on this arrogance with a little help from one of the great women doctors of the Church: There is a curious study in [Read More...]

Know God!

“We believe in God who is Father, who is Son, who is Holy Spirit. We believe in Persons, and when we talk to God we talk to Persons: or I speak with the Father, or I speak with the Son, or I speak with the Holy Spirit. And this is the faith.” That was Pope [Read More...]

This Is Christianity

I love these words from Archbishop DiNoia’s Easter Vigil homily last week: “We see that no one has ever desired anything more than God desires to share the communion of His trinitarian love for us.” What more do we need to know? Obviously, there is much more, catechetically, much more of the depth of that [Read More...]