Will You Be a Saint? Make a Choice.

It is the only thing that matters. That was the message Archbishop Charles J. Chaput delivered in an address in Philadelphia: We’re all called to martyrdom. That’s what the word martyr means: It’s the Greek word for “witness.” We may or may not ever suffer personally for our love of Jesus Christ, but we’re all [Read More...]

‘love, real love, divine, unconditional love, actually happens in human lives’


It is true. “Love, real love, divine, unconditional love, actually happens in human lives.” I know this is true, in part, because I had a teacher when I was an undergraduate at the Catholic University of America who radiated it. He was Fr. Kurt Pritzl, who taught philosophy, generosity, faith, and love. He taught fortitude. [Read More...]

What Is the Reward?

A number of the news stories about the canonizations in Rome today make reference to sainthood — the naming of — as a “reward.” It is, of course, a tremendous thing. But it’s more for us — those of us still living on earth, struggling, trying to be holy — isn’t it? The real reward [Read More...]

‘All of Us … Are Called to Sanctity’

Speaking of Saint Josemaria Escriva on his feast day this past week, Timothy Cardinal Dolan talked about Escriva and his message of universal sanctification. Cardinal Dolan said, in part: The universal call to holiness is perhaps his greatest legacy. That all of us baptized members of his Church who consider ourselves to be redeemed by [Read More...]