All Tatted Up, Mattel’s Barbie Flaunts “Body Art”

“Boys and girls, Barbie has made a terrible mistake.”

I don’t know what else you could say to a wide-eyed little girl who can’t wait to get her very own “Tokidoki Barbie,” Mattel’s latest release in the specialty doll line.

Alas, the toy company’s buxom beauty has gotten tatted up.  And it’s not just one temporary tattoo, like her predecessor “Totally Stylin’ Tattoo Barbie” had.  The new Tokidoki Barbie sports permanent ink running up her left arm and across her chest.  Besides the tattoo, the slinky Tokidoki Barbie shows off in a hot pink bob hairdo, layers of smoky grey eyeshadow, and a slouchy off-the-shoulder black tee featuring a heart and crossbones.  Add a pink leather miniskirt, leopard print tights and sparkly silver stiletto heels and she’s ready for walking the streets, if you know what I mean….  Barbie’s image as a benign, albeit shallow fashion-plate is kaput; this one’s smokin’ hot and sexy.

Barbie has a pet—and that concerns me, too.  Tokidoki Barbie leads a snarling little bulldog dressed in a cactus costume, symbolic of the pop culture design company tokidoki, whose designer Simon Legno created the streetwalker get-up.  The dog’s name?  No “Spot” or “Rover” here—Tokidoki Barbie’s dog is named “Bastardino.”

I have one bit of Good News/Bad News:  The reinvented doll was introduced to “adult collectors” for $50 beginning on October 13.  However, when I checked the website on October 17, four days later, they had already sold out their entire stock of 7,400 dolls.  The good news is that you can honestly say that your little girl can’t have one, because there aren’t any more.  The bad news is that so many people wanted this little tramp in the first place.