The TE DEUM: Last Chance for a Plenary Indulgence in 2012


Hurry, start praying!Maybe you know this, because a few websites have been talking about it today:  On December 31, the last day of the year, the Church grants a plenary indulgence to persons who publicly recite or sing the Te Deum.This opportunity for an indulgence—which was unknown to me until this week—is published in the Enchiridion of Indulgences.  The Enchiridion (or Handbook) of Indulgences, published in 1968 by Cardinal Joseph Ferretto of the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary, is a co … [Read more...]



‘Tis that time of year. Gifts have been unwrapped, pumpkin pies have been consumed, games have been played, songs have been sung—and all over the world, people turn their attention to…. NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!!! For the majority of Americans, their goals for the New Year will include at least some of these lofty yet popular goals: • Lose weight • Get more exercise • Get out of debt • Spend more time with family and friends • Stop smoking Well-intentioned Christians may throw in • Pray an … [Read more...]

In Michigan, Feminists Refuse to Protect Women

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Do Michigan’s feminists REALLY care about women? In the ‘70s, when abortion proponents were making the case for legalized abortion across the land, they argued that passage of Roe v. Wade would ensure needed safeguards for women seeking to terminate a pregnancy.  “No more back alley abortions!” was their mantra.  Once abortion was legalized, they reasoned, women would no longer be forced to abort their unwanted children in unsafe, unlicensed facilities staffed by untrained, uncaring practitio … [Read more...]