Poisoned Apple: Ben and Jerry’s Supports “Marriage Equality”

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is good; their politics—not so much.

The company, founded in 1989, has had a long tradition of engaging in “critical, global economic and social missions.” When it was sold in April 2000 to British-Dutch multinational food giant Unilever, it continued in that tradition. New CEO Jostein Solheim of Norway believes that “values-led businesses” as a force for change, addressing inequities inherent in global business.

Ben & Jerry’s outlets in the United Kingdom, in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of “marriage equality,” have just dished up a new name for their apple pie-flavored ice cream. As the government considers whether to legalize same-sex marriage, Ben & Jerry’s has partnered with Stonewall, a gay rights organization, in support of homosexual marriage. The most recent example of “values-led business” is the newly named “Apple-y Ever After” ice cream.

A companion Facebook app lets gay romance-minded players “marry” someone of the same sex, as a sign of their solidarity with the cause.

  • Elizabeth Scalia

    Ben and Jerry are free to their own opinions. The company is now actually owned by Unilever. Because you know, giant corporations are bad guys, until you sell your stuff to them for gazillions of dollars! :-)

  • http://GraniteGrok.com Skip

    well, I guess it is back to Haagen-dazs…..

  • Yohanan

    They have made their decision to support the sickest of all the filth, and they are doing this in unison with other corporations everywhere. In their eagerly planned confusion and encouragement of this perversion, what other poor decisions are secretly being made that conspires to directly harm your health. It’s time to drop the Facebook pushing CEO’s, and refuse to participate in the consumption of all their products; FOR GOOD!