94 Years—But Who’s Counting?

We spent another grace-filled Mother’s Day with my mother-in-law, Ruth Schiffer. After ninety-four years of hard work, her knees have failed her; but her spirit is vibrant and loving. She never complains, and I know that she spends her days in prayer for all of us, her family. Now that she’s homebound, she watches the Mass on television—once, twice, three times each day. She prays the Divine Mercy chaplet.

So on Sunday, we enjoyed her company. We played dominos, ate lunch (then stayed for dinner), and listened to her stories about life on the farm in Ripley, Ohio.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

And a Mother’s Day hat-tip to my friend, the uber-mother, Amy. I love Amy’s blog—she shares her heart about faith and family, and she feeds the spirit with lots of photos of her ten smiling kids. There they are: covered in mud or flour or craft glue, or celebrating a birthday, or visiting a local attraction. Amy, you are an inspiration!

And while we’re admiring moms, did you see the pictures this weekend of 111-year-old Molly Higgins and her descendants—five generations of them?  The youngest is only seven weeks.  (Click the link to see more photos and a video news report.)