Party Hearty, Michiganders: It’s SOCIAL MEDIA DAY!

Gov Rick Snyder

Hurray, Facebook!  Let’s hear it for Twitter!  C’mon, YouTube!If you’re in Michigan, as I am—and if you’re reading this post on-line, as you are—then let’s hear it for Social Media Day!!Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder, whose Twitter handle is @onetoughnerd, signed the proclamation on June 27, bringing to three the number of states which officially celebrate Social Media Day on June 30. And my home state of Michigan is no slouch, media-wise!  Boasting 137 social media accounts on Faceb … [Read more...]

Tax Away, Big Government! ACA Moves Forward

Supreme Court on Obamacare

Well, that just put a lid on everything I had been planning to tell you about today.  How can you screech about a new video game, or crabby comboxes, or ice cream flavors, when our federal government continues to usurp cherished American freedoms?Obamacare cannot be supported under the Commerce Clause, ruled the Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote; but it can be implemented as a tax. Yessiree:  Despite President Obama’s multiple assertions that “This is not a tax,” a tax it is.  So said the Supre … [Read more...]

Irenaeus: A Saint for Then and Now

Oh, things were so confusing in the earliest days of Christianity!St. Irenaeus—the second-century bishop of Lyons, France, whose feastday we celebrate on June 28—had to explain and defend the Faith both from within the Church and from outside critics.As a young boy, Irenaeus was dedicated by his mother to the service of the Church; and he was placed in the care of Polycarp, a bishop and apologist who had learned the faith directly from St. John the Evangelist.  From Polycarp, he attained … [Read more...]