Stand Up for Religious Freedom—One More Time!

Our work isn’t done, folks. 

Apparently, some in the White House and the media think that the Church’s opposition to the HHS Mandate has lost steam.  But just to be sure you know how great this is for women, the White House staged a June 7 “Women’s Health Town Hall” which they describe as “an interactive, open dialogue about how the health care law, the Affordable Care Act, is improving the health of women and their families.”

Tomorrow, June 8, is your chance to let them know how wrong they are, and how women and men value their First Amendment freedom of religion. 

In March 2012, concerned Americans gathered in 163 cities across America in defense of religious liberty, and to protest the HHS Mandate.  At noon on June 8, there will be a second rally.  Concerned Americans in at least 160 cities will once again come together in a sign of solidarity.

For information about the events and the speakers, and to find a rally in your community (or to start your own), visit