HELLO, I’M WITH STUPID! Rude, Crude Children’s Clothing – UPDATED

Isn’t it abusive to use one’s baby as a billboard?

The question may seem flip, but I’ve noticed that more and more parents are enlisting Junior’s help to promote their cause or their values.  This week, with St. Patrick’s Day on our minds, I’ve seen several infants wearin’ the green:  green beads, green t-shirts, hats, green plastic flashing beer bottles.

But THIS!! Following negative feedback from shoppers, Sears Roebuck has just pulled a line of infant attire from its racks.  The in-your-face toddler wear sported snappy slogans—like “Don’t Make Me Kick You in the Fallopian Tubes!” and “Don’t Make Me Kick You in the Birth Canal!” Yep, that’s right.

The New York Daily News broke the story this week, but offered a reassuring note to parents who may panic at the thought that there are no more bad-taste outfits for their little apple dumpling to wear.  Although the “Don’t Make Me Kick” line has been discontinued, a taste-challenged parent can still find “Nice Girls Don’t Pepper Spray” t-shirts.

And if you still have an appetite for Bad Taste Babywear, consider these from LilSquirtTees by CafePress:  the “Tax Write Off” onesie and (worst of all!) the “Stripper Pasties” onesie.

After reading that, I just needed to buttress my morale with a quick check of my friend Amy’s website.  Sure enough, she’s got baby clothing, too.

Parents:  Buy this, not that.

UPDATE:  Just when I thought I was done with this story, when we’d all seen enough of the thoughtless or tasteless infant clothing, there’s this:  a “Baby Bikini” to turn your little apple dumpling into a tartlet. 

The onesie, which imposes an image of a bikini-clad woman over the tot’s torso, is marketed by Wild Child (Bob Bebe). 

  • http://www.smalltownsimplicity.blogspot.com Lydia

    Wow, I am shocked by those baby shirts! I’m not out much, but I’ve never seen those. I know a lot of breastfeeding proponents put their children in shirts like “Boob Man,” but I feel that that sends the wrong message about breastfeeding as well.

    Of course little Josie is just the sweetest thing! <3

  • Karen

    Speaking of bad taste and Sears, I just received an email exposing Sears for selling online books and posters promoting pornography and bestiality. http://www.wnd.com/2012/07/sears-now-adds-bestiality-to-its-website/