OLYMPIC ATTIRE: He Says, She Says, What Do YOU Say?

SHE SAYS:  The skimpy bathing suits and gymnastics costumes are exploitative of beautiful young athletes.  The Olympic Committee wants to titillate viewers, and says to the athletes, “Here’s your uniform.  If you want to be on our team, this is what you will wear.”  It’s akin to Hooters giving girls those provocative orange short shorts and skimpy shirts. 

HE SAYS:  But they’re athletes!  Their uniforms are designed to offer full range of motion, and to maximize their performance.  I can’t believe guys are sitting there watching live-stream of Olympic Beach Volleyball to look at girls.  They want to see action, skill, endurance!

SHE SAYS:  You’re kidding, right?


  • Timothy Dalrymple

    The IOC does not tell the gymnasts what to wear. USA Gymnastics would figure that out for themselves, and gymnasts often have some say in the process.

    But the leotards are not any more revealing than they’ve been for decades now. In fact, since they cover up the shoulders and upper back and arms all the way down to the wrists, they’re arguably pretty tame, much tamer than what the gymnasts will wear in regular practices. There are practical reasons for the use of leotards.

    They could conceivably wear tight pants or something, but those do potentially get in the way. With a gymnast as with a ballerina, too, you want to see precisely what they’re doing, and the beauty of the human form is very much a part of the sport.

  • Sara

    I say, if you need to wax to wear your “uniform” it’s too skimpy! Even female swimmers are wearing more, not less.

  • http://denythecat.blogspot.com Brian Sullivan

    Well, if the issue is clothing, we could always do the Olympics the old fashioned way…Even so, I don’t get the diving bikinis–on the men!

  • http://fromthepulpitofmylife.blogspot.com/ Ruth Ann Pilney

    I say the clothing of both the men and the women is too skimpy or too tight. I don’t recall such sexually provocative clothing in decades past. Because of the inappropriate clothing I haven’t enjoyed watching as much.

  • http://www.killerbdesigns.com Brooke

    You know the Olympics were originally played in the nude, right?

  • daisy

    The first Olympians were nude and women weren’t allowed to watch.

  • disappointed

    I’m disappointed! …and somewhat frustrated to see more than of both male and female athletes. I can’t believe what I’m seeing on TV (not just the Olympics) today. How much more skin and language should we have to endore? What ever happened to humility and modesty? Not to mention just being respectful of yourself and others?
    There are camera’s everywhere at the Olympics including underwater. Seems all we see when the diver is surfacing is pulling at the skimpy bathing suit to make sure everything is covered when he surfaces. Well campers, I’m just wondering what it’s going to be like 4 years from now.
    Personally, I find it a big turn-off. It’s my feeling that whomever decides what the atheletes will wear should take another hard look at this. If gymnastics wear flesh-colored mesh to keep-it-clean, then male bathing suits should have a strip of flesh colored mesh around the top and bottom edges to do the same.

  • Jon White

    He IS kidding, or, if not that, then self-deluded.