A Good Lie: Green Is Golfers’ Final Resting Place

Call it the ultimate hole-in-one.

Golfers in Washington State who dream of spending all their time on the course have a new option for the hereafter:  At Sunset Hills Memorial Park’s new golf-themed burial ground, dearly departed golfers can rest in peace near the hole, on the green, in the sand trap, or in an ossuary under a bronze sculpture of a golfer.

Framed by nature, on undeveloped land near a wooded area at the back of the traditional cemetery, the new golfers’ memorial area has been likened to the “back nine.”  Ashes of as many as 1,300 golf lovers can be interred at the site, and people are already lining up to reserve their spots.

The golf burial ground was the inspiration of Sunset Hills’ marketing director Arne Swanson.   Swanson saw a group of golfers spreading ashes at a local golf course—probably without the permission of the golf course management—and the idea was born.  The memorial park management set out to provide a place where people could go and honor the memory of their favorite golfer.



Golfers’ Prayer

“Almighty God, as we play through our 18 holes of life,
we pray that you will give us a drive that’s both long enough to reach our goals, and yet straight enough to keep us out of trouble.

“Help us avoid the traps and hazards of life; nevertheless, should we find ourselves in them, give us the tools, skills and desire to escape them with no penalty. May we always stay in bounds.”

“Help us to be willing to stand by – and not play through – those in genuine need.  May we always play with honor.”

“And finally, when we’ve putted out on the 18th green, we pray that we will have
demonstrated the integrity of our character, so that you will judge us worthy enough to join your threesome and play eternally on your heavenly course.