Time Magazine Spotlights America’s Obsession

Pope Francis on Time Magazine

The frenetic six-day youth festival that is called “World Youth Day” is going on this week in Rio de Janeiro.  More than a million young people have come together for prayer, catechesis, and joyful celebration of their Catholic faith.   This is big news—right?The world watched yesterday as Pope Francis arrived in town and addressed the crowd for the first time.  The Holy Father was featured on the cover of Time Magazine around the world:  in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the S … [Read more...]

Pope Francis to Journalists: “Help Me Work for the Good of Society” (UPDATED)

Pope Francis on the airplane

From what I read in the headlines yesterday, I thought all the pope talked about on the plane en route to Rio de Janeiro was unemployed youth.  Oh, and he apologized because he “doesn’t do interviews”, although he doesn’t know why.Today, the Vatican Information Service offers a much fuller report.Of course, down-to-earth as he’s shown himself to be, he took the time to personally greet each of the journalists who accompanied him on the aircraft.  He expressed his gratitude, and he explain … [Read more...]