Thomas Peters to Undergo Surgery After All

Thomas Peters

Last week, things seemed to be going so well.  Thomas Peters (aka the American Papist), who fractured the fifth cervical vertebra in a swimming accident on July 16, had been outfitted with a HALO and it appeared that spinal surgery would not be necessary.Today the report is not so good.  Infection has set in, resulting in fever and exhaustion.  Thomas’ vertebrae have shifted, making surgery likely.  You may remember Thom from his excellent work with the National Orga … [Read more...]

The Two Canonizations: Don’t Pack Your Bag Yet!

Blessed Pope John Paul II

When will Pope Francis canonize his two predecessors, Blessed Pope John Paul II and Blessed Pope John XXIII?Early speculation regarding the date for Blessed Pope John Paul II was October 20—the nearest Sunday to JPII’s October 22 feast day.    Then it was announced that Pope Francis had also cleared the way for Pope John XXIII to be canonized.  Would the date be changed?But now, Catholic News Service seems to have gotten the inside scoop.  Cindy … [Read more...]