“The Sound of Music” for a New Generation: Carrie Underwood Brings Energy to Role of Maria

Sound of Music

Watch live!  Win prizes! It is my sincere pleasure this evening to offer you a chance to win some really cool stuff!  I have two giveaway packets for “The Sound of Music” that include a poster, T-shirt and CD featuring songs from the musical, including a few from Carrie Underwood.Two lucky readers will win these “The Sound of Music” giveaway packets on December 5.Winners will be selected from those who comment on this post between now and December 4; I’ll announce the winners on December … [Read more...]

When the President Died

Cabrini - when Kennedy was shot

Fifty years ago—on November 22, 1963—our parish hired a photographer to come and take a group photo of all of us:  the priests, the sisters, the high school students, the elementary school students, the teachers, the maintenance crew…. All of us, girls and boys, the wise and the still-learning, the young and the oh-so-restless.I was there.  So was my future husband (although we wouldn’t meet until three months later).  And my four sisters.  And (I think) my baby brother.  And my six future si … [Read more...]

Anna and Joachim’s Little Girl Enters the Temple


Where in the Bible do we learn that the Virgin Mary’s parents were named Anna and Joachim?Can’t figure out what chapter and verse it is?  That’s because it’s not really in the Bible.  Saint Anna and Saint Joachim (sometimes spelled “Ioacim”) show up in a separate book called the Protoevangelium of James or, more simply, the Gospel of James.Not one of the canonical gospels, the Gospel of James is considered apocryphal—not part of the divine revelation, although elements may, in fact, be hi … [Read more...]