Wait: Is There a CLUB for Priests’ Mistresses?

An Eastern Catholic priest from Romania with his wife and family

From all over Italy they gather, putting pen to paper, expressing their heartfelt longing.  How, exactly, did these women find one another?It's not a poetry slam or a self-help group.  It's... get this!... a group of 26 women who are in love with Catholic priests.  So in love, in fact, that together they have petitioned the Holy Father to reconsider the Church discipline which requires priests to remain celibate.Not eager for the notoriety that would come with self-disclosure, the wo … [Read more...]

Sr. Jeannine Gramick Asks Obama to Expand Abortion Coverage Worldwide

Jeannine Gramick

Sister Jeannine Gramick, dissident nun and co-founder of the controversial New Ways Ministry, has joined with 30 other faith-based groups from the Protestant, Jewish and Muslim faiths to petition President Obama to clarify, then repeal the Helms amendment, which restricts aid funding for abortion services.The Helms amendment, which was introduced in 1973, prohibits the use of U.S. aid monies to fund abortion as a method of family planning or to "motivate or coerce any person to practice … [Read more...]

Interview Direct from the Holy Land: Is Pope Francis Safe?

Welcome banner for Pope Francis - Still hanging on May 15

In the days leading up to the Holy Father's historic visit to Jerusalem, there has emerged a concern on the part of some Catholics for the Pope's safety.Given the widely reported incidents of vandalism by Jewish extremists, some Catholics have worried that Pope Francis will not be safe traveling in that volatile part of the world.  The Pope has refused to use a bullet-proof car, promising instead to ride in an open vehicle in order to more closely touch the people as he … [Read more...]