Getting It Backwards: Bride Drags Baby Down the Aisle

Well, this is unorthodox, to say the least:  A Tennessee bride had her white bridal gown custom fitted with a special sling, so that her one-month-old baby could be a part of the ceremony.

In a photo that has generated much controversy on social media, you can see the little one secured to momma’s train, enjoying a ride down the aisle in Elam Baptist Church in Ripley, Tennessee.

Some folks over on Facebook, where the photo was published, disapproved–calling it “child abuse” and demanding that Shona Carter-Brooks be reported to child protective services.

Carter-Brooks, however, said that the child was safe in her custom sling because she was “covered by Christ.”  In a report on the Independent Business Times,

Carter-Brooks posted on Facebook that her wedding dress was by Vera Wang and was bought in David’s Bridal. She said the dress was customised to fit the baby. Her wedding dress was believed to have been bought for around $400 to $1,400.  

Carter-Brooks told the people on Facebook who had “something negative” to say about what happened that they do what they want “as long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine.”

My own observation:  It’s great that this little one had a chance to participate in the wedding.  Her mother, upon finding herself pregnant without benefit of marriage, could have chosen abortion instead of giving life to this precious child.

Yes, Jesus loves us, and He’s always “on our side.”

But wouldn’t it have been great if Shonda had waited until the honeymoon to enjoy the blessings of the marital union?  Then she could have planned her wedding shower and her nuptials AFTER the baby shower, and she’d have been pushing her precious new baby in a stroller in 2015.