Back-Alley Abortions and the Russian Abortion Poster

Russian abortion poster

Just a little history lesson for the day:  In 1920, Russia became the first nation in the world to allow abortion in all circumstances.From 1936 through 1955, responding to Joseph Stalin's fear of population decline, abortion was made illegal in that country; but the prohibitive legislation was revoked at the end of the Stalin era and by 1965, with 5.5 legal abortions recorded, the abortion rate in the U.S.S.R. was the highest in the world. The nations which were once a part of the Soviet … [Read more...]

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…. Mifepristone!

Drone_with_GoPro_digital_camera_mounted_underneath_-_22_April_2013 (1)

On Saturday morning, a coalition of feminist groups from Germany, Russia and Poland will take their support for abortion to new heights. The group plans to fly a drone across the Ober River from abortion-loving Germany to pro-life Poland, carrying a load of abortion pills.I told this story over at the National Catholic Register: The drone will carry the oral abortifacients Mifepristone and Misoprostol. In the early stages of pregnancy (up to nine weeks), a woman can self-administer the … [Read more...]

Dear Bristol: Thank You For Saying Yes to Life

Bristol Palin

My fellow Patheos blogger Bristol Palin made a pretty big announcement this morning:  She told her readers that she's pregnant, expecting her second child.You may recall that during her mother's political campaign, Bristol was an 18-year-old unwed mother, and she chose not to marry son Tripp's father Levi Johnson. Soon after giving birth to Tripp in 2008, Bristol launched an abstinence campaign, encouraging young women and men to wait until marriage to engage in sexual activity.And … [Read more...]