Archbishop Cordileone Defends Teacher Morality Clause in Open Letter to Legislators

"Salvatore J. Cordileone" by Ffeeddee - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, archbishop of San Francisco, has issued a measured, respectful, yet strong response to an open letter from eight California legislators.  The legislators had demanded that the archbishop revoke an archdiocesan policy which requires teachers in Catholic schools to be respectful of Church teachings.Archbishop Cordileone is known as a lover of the Church, and a staunch defender of Catholic teaching.  In his role as chairman of the United States Conference of Cath … [Read more...]

Guilty of Feticide–Where’s the News In That? It Happens Every Day!

An Indiana woman has been charged in connection with the death of her 25-week-old unborn baby; and frankly, I'm puzzled.  Doesn't that happen every day, in cities across the United States?Purvi Patel, an Indiana resident, was found guilty February  3 of felony child neglect and feticide, after she ended her pregnancy last July by taking an abortion drug, then discarded the child's body in a dumpster.  LifeNews has the story: Patel was arrested last July after she took abortion pills to kill … [Read more...]

Bishop David Ricken Criticizes Selection of Gloria Steinem as Catholic College Speaker

Gloria Steinem won't be speaking about abortion when she visits the campus of St. Norbert College this spring, but that doesn't make her visit any less problematic to Bishop David Ricken, bishop of Green Bay.  In a written statement, Bishop Ricken said, "Really, she doesn't need to. Her whole career and life is a grand affirmation of the pro-abortion movement. These types of approaches are outdated, tired and confusing ways to approach these issues, especially given the fact that the Catholic Ch … [Read more...]