A Little Advent Humor

Advent Calendar

It's Gaudete Sunday--the Third Sunday of Advent, when we light the rose candle, and the priest wears rose-colored vestments.  It's a symbol of our joy, as Christmas draws near.Just for fun, one perspective on the traditional Advent calendar.More seriously, from the archives:  Here's my explanation of the significance of Gaudete Sunday in the Church's liturgical season. … [Read more...]

It’s Transformation Time: Crystal Cathedral Closed for Major Renovations

Crystal Cathedral 2

Two years ago, in November 2011, I told the story of the iconic Crystal Cathedral, facing bankruptcy and forced dissolution, and the last-minute decision to accept the bid of the Diocese of Orange, rather than from competing bidder Chapman University.At the time, I interviewed Tim Busch, corporate counsel for the Diocese of Orange who had helped to broker the deal.   Tim told me that as the deal drew to a close, one member of the Crystal Cathedral’s board told him as the court proceedings dre … [Read more...]

THE GARGOYLE AND THE STEEPLE: On the Outside, Looking In

Look up, look around. That’s what we do, really, we Christians, during this Advent season.  We look up to our heavenly Father, and to the Son Who came to us in Bethlehem as a tiny baby, and Who comes to us still today.  And we look around at the world in which we live—at the still, expectant winter nights, rich with promise; and at the people whose love shapes us, and whom we celebrate later this month with gifts from the heart.Malcolm Muggeridge, the British journalist and satirist,  … [Read more...]