A Burgeoning Market for Papal Kitsch


Hoodies, t-shirts, aprons—even doggie apparel.In the wake of the “Pope Francis Effect”, all of these items and more are now available in special Pope Francis editions.Britain’s Catholic Herald reports that since the election of Pope Francis, sales are up 20% for papal gear:  clothing, key rings, tea lights, and various papal paraphernalia.  And indeed, Catholics With Attitude, a custom printery which offers t-shirts in the U.K. and right here in the United States, has a large assortment o … [Read more...]

PARENTHOOD: Stains, Spills, Sleeplessness…and Love

Coke commercial 2

If you’re a parent, you know that the early years of childrearing are a mix of joy and sheer exhaustion.A new commercial by Argentine creative ideas agency Santo Buenos Aires captures the fatigue and the frustration, the bedlam and the bemusement, and the pure love that makes it all worthwhile.  The commercial by director Pucho Mentasti is for Coke Life, a new, green-label Argentine concoction that’s sweetened with a sugar and stevia extract for a 35-calorie serving.Sebastian Wilhelm, San … [Read more...]

In-Your-Face Christian Crusading: I Told You It Wouldn’t Work!

Battling billboards

Just a few days ago, I posted a story about Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham's anti-atheism billboard in Times Square.Was this, I asked, the most effective way to reach out to unbelievers?Well, I guess it wasn't!  Now there's a full-fledged war between vociferous Christians and vociferous atheists.  The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has rented space on the same billboard for their rebuttal.Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-founder of FFRF, says, "A fifth of the U.S. population i … [Read more...]