In-Your-Face Christian Crusading: I Told You It Wouldn’t Work!

Battling billboards

Just a few days ago, I posted a story about Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham's anti-atheism billboard in Times Square.Was this, I asked, the most effective way to reach out to unbelievers?Well, I guess it wasn't!  Now there's a full-fledged war between vociferous Christians and vociferous atheists.  The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has rented space on the same billboard for their rebuttal.Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-founder of FFRF, says, "A fifth of the U.S. population i … [Read more...]

Reality Show Contestant Strips, Coca-Cola Stocks Plunge

Coca Cola

Fanatics.  Intolerant.That’s what the president of Coca-Cola Spain has called critics of a controversial reality show who have called for a boycott on his product until the company cancels their advertising for the show.Marcos De Quinto, CEO of the soft-drink giant’s Iberia Business Unit which sells its products in Spain and Portugal, has charged life and family defense groups of launching a “guerrilla style attack”.   In an outburst on Twitter, De Quinto raged: “May God spare us from gr … [Read more...]

Kudos to Guinness for Heartwarming Ad—With a Twist

Guinness ad

Have you seen the latest ad for Guinness beer?Take a minute to watch it to the very end.  It’ll warm your heart. … [Read more...]