Reality Show Contestant Strips, Coca-Cola Stocks Plunge

Coca Cola

Fanatics.  Intolerant.That’s what the president of Coca-Cola Spain has called critics of a controversial reality show who have called for a boycott on his product until the company cancels their advertising for the show.Marcos De Quinto, CEO of the soft-drink giant’s Iberia Business Unit which sells its products in Spain and Portugal, has charged life and family defense groups of launching a “guerrilla style attack”.   In an outburst on Twitter, De Quinto raged: “May God spare us from gr … [Read more...]

Kudos to Guinness for Heartwarming Ad—With a Twist

Guinness ad

Have you seen the latest ad for Guinness beer?Take a minute to watch it to the very end.  It’ll warm your heart. … [Read more...]

Uh…. Sam Adams, Man, You Forgot Something!

Sam Adams beer

Beer-maker Samuel Adams forgot something in its Fourth of July commercial—and now, they’re taking a big hit over on their Facebook page.In the ad, a bartender cites the Declaration of Independence, but deliberately omits any reference to God.  It goes like this:The bartender asks, “Why name a beer after Samuel Adams?”  He goes on to explain that “…Samuel Adams signed the Declaration of Independence.  He believed there was a better way to live.”The bartender then recites the Declaratio … [Read more...]