Camels: At the Detroit Zoo, in the Scriptures, and in A.A.

Baby Camel - Detroit Zoo

Awww….  The Detroit Zoo has just introduced its newest attraction, baby Bulgan—a three-week-old Bactrian camel.Weighing in at 102 pounds at birth, Bulgan is the offspring of mom Suren and dad Rusty, both four years old.  Bulgan stands about three feet tall on skinny legs, and his coat is soft and grey.  His twin humps (Bactrian camels have two humps, not just one like their cousin the dromedary) are soft now, composed mostly of skin and hair; but in six months they’ll be more defined as they … [Read more...]

Hanno, the Pope’s “White Elephant”


White elephant (n.) an idiom for a valuable possession of which its owner cannot dispose, and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) is out of proportion to its usefulness or worth. *   *   *   * Did you ever receive a “white elephant” as a gift? Maybe it was a lamp or bric-a-brac given by a beloved aunt.  You would never intentionally hurt her feelings, but what in the world, you wonder, will you do with this?Perhaps Pope Leo X felt the same way when he received a gift of a white elephan … [Read more...]

Update on the Crocodile That Met the Pope

Pope and Crocodile

Do you remember when the Pope met the crocodile?It was back in January when Yitzhak Yadid, an official from Rome’s 100-year-old Bioparco zoo, in a nod to Pope Benedict’s upcoming trip to Cuba, brought to the Wednesday General Audience an endangered Cuban crocodile.  About two feet long, the scaly Crocodylus rhombifer had been confiscated from an Italian woman who owned it illegally.  The plan was to rehabilitate the young reptile, and then return it to its swampy home in Cuba during the Pope … [Read more...]