Why Be Catholic? Patrick Madrid Has All the Answers

Why Be Catholic

Have you ever read a book by Patrick Madrid?  If you have, I'll bet you haven't stopped at just one--that his easy style, clarity and humor captivated you, and you've picked up another of his titles along the way.I'm a fan, and here's why:  Patrick is a master of Plainspeak--not lofty theological prose which only a doctoral candidate could wade through, but clear, direct explanations for Catholic teachings and traditions.  He writes apologetics for the masses, and I think he's just what the d … [Read more...]

Learning from the Master: C.S. Lewis on Apologetics


For countless readers who have crossed the line from unbelief to embrace the Commandments and the Bible and the Beatitudes and all the lessons which Christ taught, their journey has been guided by the writings of C.S. Lewis.  In Mere Christianity, his most popular apologetics work, Lewis leads his readers along the path of sound reason, helping the reader to discern why *A* is true and *B* is not.  At the end, the preposterous idea that we were created by a loving God, and that He sent His So … [Read more...]

You’ve Depended on Catholic Answers; Now, They’re Depending on You

Jimmy Akin

It was circa 2001, I was working with Al Kresta, he was guest hosting on Catholic Answers Live—and it was my privilege to answer calls for the most popular nationally syndicated Catholic show on the airwaves.  Ten minutes before showtime, the phones lit up—ALL the lines—and it stayed that way for the duration of the two-hour show.  Within seconds after one call ended, the next hopeful caller would be on the line, waiting to pose a question for the show’s host and expert guest.Have I mentioned … [Read more...]