Beardless Jesus? Not so likely….

Plate with beardless Jesus

Here's a little tidbit from the BBC that's not likely to shake anyone's faith, but which has archeologists sitting up and taking notice:Archeologists in Spain have discovered what they believe to be one of the world's oldest known images of Jesus.  And he's beardless!The image is on a glass plate which was inside a church in the ancient town of Castulo, outside present-day Linares.  It's believed that the 9-inch plate was used in distribution of the Eucharist during worship services.   Af … [Read more...]

400-Year-Old Crucifix Uncovered in Newfoundland

The 3-centimeter crucifix which was unearthed in Newfoundland

An undergraduate student assisting at an archeological dig on Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula has made a spectacular discovery:  a 400-year-old copper crucifix.The crucifix is considered particularly important since the colony which once stood at that spot was English, and Catholics were severely persecuted in England at the time.  It was, then, most likely owned by someone who fled religious persecution in England and found freedom here.Anna Sparrow, who attends Memorial University in S … [Read more...]

The Amazing Rock-Cut Churches of Lalibela

Ethiopia - Mass - underground church

Recently I came upon this photo of worshippers gathered for Mass in Ethiopia:"WHAT?" I thought. "Where is this?!"And so began my research into the fantastic rock-cut underground churches in Lalibela.In the twelfth century, King Lalibela, a member of the Zagwe dynasty which had seized the throne of Ethiopia around 1000 A.D., sought support from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.  To garner support, he commissioned a series of twelve extraordinary churches in the small town of Roha … [Read more...]