Saving St. Josaphat’s Steeple: An Update

St. Josaphat steeple 2

Last November, I reported on the serious damage done to the iconic steeple at St. Josaphat Catholic Church during a heavy windstorm.At the time, with the steeple twisted and so many slate tiles missing, it was necessary to close the church and redirect parishioners to another church in the downtown Detroit cluster.Here's a peek at the work being done.  The campaign to save the steeple has brought in donations totaling more than $90,000; but more is needed.  Total repair costs will reach a … [Read more...]

The Amazing Rock-Cut Churches of Lalibela

Ethiopia - Mass - underground church

Recently I came upon this photo of worshippers gathered for Mass in Ethiopia:"WHAT?" I thought. "Where is this?!"And so began my research into the fantastic rock-cut underground churches in Lalibela.In the twelfth century, King Lalibela, a member of the Zagwe dynasty which had seized the throne of Ethiopia around 1000 A.D., sought support from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.  To garner support, he commissioned a series of twelve extraordinary churches in the small town of Roha … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Steeple Repair at St. Josaphat’s Gets Underway

St Josaphat steeple 2

Finally, work has begun to repair the iconic steeple atop St. Josaphat Catholic Church.The steeple, which dates from 1901, was twisted and severely damaged in a windstorm in November 2013.  The city of Detroit, fearing possible injury to worshippers, ordered the church closed until repairs could be made.Parishioners of Mother of Divine Mercy Parish, the combined cluster parish which includes St. Josaphat's, were asked to attend one of two nearby cluster churches:  Sweetest Heart of Mary o … [Read more...]