Christ With a Toothache, and the Sad, Sad Vandalism of Viennese Churches

Christ With a Toothache

  News broke this week that over the weekend of March 29-30, a vandal destroyed statues and altars in four prominent Viennese churches. At Lazaristenkirche, nearly all of the statues and side altars were destroyed.  Statues were damaged at the Breitenfeld church in Josefstadt, the Neuottakring church in Ottakring, and the Cathedral of St. Stephen (Stephansdom) in Vienna. Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, archbishop of Vienna, described the destruction as "so far the worst act of vandalism in … [Read more...]

Drone Swoops Through Monreale Cathedral for a Birds-Eye View

William II offering the Monreale cathedral to Mary

William the Good may have stood in the great cathedral which he commissioned, staring up at the golden mosaics with pride.Today, armchair tourists can view Monreale Cathedral from a perspective that was not possible during William II's reign:  a close-range aerial tour.At the invitation of the Archdiocese of Monreale, videographer Alexander Spinnato has filmed the cathedral's splendid art utilizing a camera mounted to a drone.  The drone entered through the Romanesque bronze doors, s … [Read more...]

Reading Between the Lines: The See-Through Church

See through church - first

When people call for “greater transparency” in the Church, I don't think this is what they had in mind!In the in the town of Borgloon, 50 miles east of Brussels, Belgium, there stands a “see-through church” complete with its own see-through steeple.But this structure is not really intended for corporate worship:  It’s part of the Z-OUT project of Z33, an ambitious long-term project to construct art in public spaces.  Z33, a center for contemporary art based in Hasselt, Belgium, plans … [Read more...]