Brentwood Cathedral’s Stations of the Cross: What Were They Thinking?!

Brentwood - 1

This year in anticipation of the season of Lent, England's historic Brentwood Cathedral has unveiled an exhibit of the Stations of the Cross, as interpreted by contemporary British artists.  Top artists were each commissioned to paint one of the Stations, and each was given free reign to paint the scene as he or she saw it.  The artists--some of whom were believers, and some, not--were each given the title of one Station and a 12-inch square aluminum panel. The paintings will be displayed in th … [Read more...]

The Bible’s Inspiring Stories – In the Rose Bowl Parade

On New Year's Day, chances are you were among the 450 million television viewers watching the Rose Bowl and, before that, the Rose Bowl Parade.  The theme for the 2015 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade was “Inspiring Stories”--and the seventh float in the line-up celebrated the most inspiring story of all.   The float designed and constructed by Lutheran Hour Ministries, the only Christian float in the Parade, was named "The Bible ... God's Story."  It featured an open Bible, a nativity sce … [Read more...]

The Madonna of the Candelabra

Madonna of the Candelabra stamp

Back in 2011, the U.S. Postal Service issued a Christmas stamp titled "Madonna of the Candelabra."  The stamp, which is still available for purchase today, is sold in books of 20 self-adhesive "Forever" stamps.  It features Mary and the Christ Child, with a lantern behind them.The stamp may have shown up on cards and letters in your mailbox; but you may not be aware that the image was edited to fit the standard size postage stamp, and that in editing for size, the USPS omitted some of the … [Read more...]