Better Baby Bumps to Celebrate New Life and Impending Motherhood

Baby bump - twins

This is amazing.I happened upon an article today about the website My Little Sweet Pea, where Carrie Preston, a 27-year-old artist from Cornwall, showcases the "belly bump" paintings she does on the bellies of pregnant women.According to the Daily Mail, in only two years the artist has completed more than 130 intricate belly paintings to help pregnant women celebrate pregnancy and impending birth.Because a big canvas allows for the best artwork, she prefers to paint mothers when … [Read more...]

Iconoclasm Alive and Well: Man Lops Head Off Jesus Statue in Charleston

Sacred Heart statue - destroyed

A man has destroyed a statue of Jesus in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, decapitating the 6-foot figure with a sledgehammer.The statue had stood for two decades outside Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Charleston before Charles Jeffrey Short, 38, exercised a kind of political theater, demonstrating his view that the Ten Commandments should be taken literally.It seems the vandal didn't even know the specific Scripture verse which required him to destroy the religious art. … [Read more...]

IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: Sculpture Depicts Reliance; Citizens See Porn

The Orgy Statue

LOOK CLOSELY AT THIS STATUE.   What do you see?To some citizens in the small town of Adrian, Michigan, this is an orgy.Apparently, though, that's not what the artist intended.  "Blue Human Condition" by artist Mark Chatterley is, in the artist's words, a depiction of our reliance upon one another.  Chatterley told the Huffington Post, "living today, we can't do it alone -- we rely on other people… to try to survive."   Chatterley has worked for about ten years with the Midwest Scul … [Read more...]