Coca-Cola, Campbell’s Soup and Christ: The Enigmatic Catholic Art of Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol with "Archie" by Jack Mitchell

Andy Warhol was known as a leader in the visual art movement known as "pop art."  His talent extended from drawing and painting to photography, filmmaking and music. Warhol's unique perspective is displayed in such highly recognizable images as his iconic Campbell's Soup can and his vibrant interpretations of stars and celebrities like Marilyn Monroe.His homosexuality was widely known, although he remained celibate until his death.But did you know that Warhol was a devout Ruthenian Cathol … [Read more...]

Snowplows For Jesus? I Love It!

Sioux Falls snow plow

I hadn't heard, until the atheists made a big fuss about it this week, that some high school students in Sioux Falls, South Dakota had painted a religious message on the city's snowplows.  In red and white, the plows mimicked the design of Coca Cola.  One read "Jesus Christ" and the other said "Happy Birthday Jesus".I hadn't heard of this, but I love it!  According to the city's "Paint the Plows" website, “The painting of the plows is enjoyable for the people who paint them, but it’s als … [Read more...]

Graffiti Vs. Art: Detroit Grapples With the Question

Mural in Detroit

On abandoned buildings and bridge abutments, sidewalks and signs, Detroit is covered with graffiti--and Detroit mayor Mike Duggan doesn't like it.In a campaign to clean up the streets, Duggan dispatched inspectors along the city's major arteries to ticket vandals with spray cans, charging them with malicious destruction of property.  The Detroit Police Graffiti Task Force identifies graffiti artists and imposes fines and penalties ranging from a fine to a lengthy jail term.But in a city … [Read more...]