Atheist’s “Modern Christmas Carol” Is an Indictment of Social Media

A Modern Christmas Carol

Bob Seidensticker, who writes at the Atheist Portal at Patheos, is a sparring partner and a friend.  Our paths don't cross on a daily basis; but when I write to counter some aspect of atheist thought, Bob is sure to pop in at my combox or on Facebook and tell me why I'm wrong.  He is always polite, and he helps to clarify why I'm actually quite right.Somehow, Bob has never appreciated the logic of a worldview that presupposes the existence of a Creator.And I, for my part, have not enough … [Read more...]

Wait, What? Carl Sagan Was NOT an Atheist?

Carl Sagan

I don't know where I got this idea, but I've always thought that Carl Sagan, the astronomer whose popular show "Cosmos" incited interest in the heavens, did not believe in Heaven.  Nor, I thought, did he believe in an Almighty God, who lives in the aforementioned Heaven.I am gratified to report that I was at least partly wrong.  Perhaps his most famous quote from "Cosmos"--after the iconic "Billions and billions of stars"--is what's come to be known as the Sagan Standard: "Extraordinary c … [Read more...]

Snowplows For Jesus? I Love It!

Sioux Falls snow plow

I hadn't heard, until the atheists made a big fuss about it this week, that some high school students in Sioux Falls, South Dakota had painted a religious message on the city's snowplows.  In red and white, the plows mimicked the design of Coca Cola.  One read "Jesus Christ" and the other said "Happy Birthday Jesus".I hadn't heard of this, but I love it!  According to the city's "Paint the Plows" website, “The painting of the plows is enjoyable for the people who paint them, but it’s als … [Read more...]