An Atheist’s Last Stand: Jennifer Fulwiler’s Journey to the Catholic Church

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"What was wrong with me that I had to leave a place that I loved in many ways because I couldn't be around religious people?  Why was I always so close to an existential crisis that I couldn't function like a normal person?  Nobody struggled with that kind of thing.  The other atheists I knew didn't seem to have any problem with the fleetingness of human life.  I'd never met anyone else who seemed troubled by the insanity of religious fervor, or who had their thoughts constantly drifting in t … [Read more...]

Abrasive Atheist Chris O’Dowd Thinks Religion Is Ruining the World

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“...As time goes on, weirdly, I'm growing less liberal. I'm more like, 'No, religion is ruining the world, you need to stop!'” Those are the words of Irish actor and comedian Chris O'Dowd, star of films including Bridesmaids and Gulliver's Travels. O'Dowd was featured on the cover of Britain's GQ Magazine last month. In an article in the magazine, he describes how his atheism has led him to equate atheism with racism, and to believe that people of faith should be silenced. According to O'Dow … [Read more...]

Stratton, Ohio Defeats the Atheists

Stratton cross

  Stratton, Ohio’s Mayor, John Abdalla, is ending his struggle with Freedom From Religion Foundation lawyers by reversing his initial decision not to remove several historic crosses from the village’s municipal center this week, reports The Herald Star. The mayor says he hates the decision, but thinks it’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid the prolonged court battle that would have resulted if he’d decided to keep the crosses where they’ve stood for decades, repo … [Read more...]