The Colander-Topped Councilman from Upstate New York

Pastafarian oath of office

In a small town in western New York, a new councilman was sworn into office January 2 wearing a pasta strainer atop his head. It seems that Christopher Schaeffer, the newly-seated Pomfret Town Council member, is a “Pastafarian” and a minister in the so-called “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.” “Strainer things have happened,” quipped The Observer, the local newspaper in Dunkirk, New York.  According to The Observer: Schaeffer wore a colander (a strainer typically used … [Read more...]

The Atheists’ Christmas Billboard: Just Plain Rude

Mary and Jesus

Y’know, this is really getting tiresome.  The American Atheists are once again spitting at the Christians, as our high holy day nears.  Not content to simply roll over in bed on Christmas morning, snagging a few more minutes of sleep that church-attending Christians don’t have time to enjoy, they have to hurl stones at their believing neighbors. American Atheists, the activist group which posts controversial messages at every opportunity on billboards across the nation, has just … [Read more...]

Shoes for Baby Atheists

Atheist baby shoes

“All babies are born atheists,” claims Berlin’s Atheist Shoe Company.  The company plans to market a new line of shoes for baby atheists, who only believe in “Mummy, Daddy and boobies.” First, I’ve got to admit that the shoes are amazing (except for that political sloganeering on the soles), and the Kickstarter video is simply hilarious.  (Watch the video below; just don’t get caught up in believing their faulty premise.) But then, I’ve got to take exception with their … [Read more...]