Atheists to School District: Stop Helping Starving Children!

Hungry children in Haiti

An atheist group has protested students' participation in a community service project that provides food for hungry families.The Appignani Humanist Legal Center sent a letter of complaint after schoolchildren from the School of Engineering and Arts in the Robbinsdale (MN) School District visited Calvary Lutheran Church.  The students were participating in a volunteer project sponsored by Feed My Starving Children, a nonprofit organization, to pack meals for needy families in Haiti.The … [Read more...]

The Colander-Topped Councilman from Upstate New York

Pastafarian oath of office

In a small town in western New York, a new councilman was sworn into office January 2 wearing a pasta strainer atop his head.It seems that Christopher Schaeffer, the newly-seated Pomfret Town Council member, is a “Pastafarian” and a minister in the so-called “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.”“Strainer things have happened,” quipped The Observer, the local newspaper in Dunkirk, New York.  According to The Observer: Schaeffer wore a colander (a strainer typically used to drain water … [Read more...]

The Atheists’ Christmas Billboard: Just Plain Rude

Mary and Jesus

Y’know, this is really getting tiresome. The American Atheists are once again spitting at the Christians, as our high holy day nears.  Not content to simply roll over in bed on Christmas morning, snagging a few more minutes of sleep that church-attending Christians don’t have time to enjoy, they have to hurl stones at their believing neighbors.American Atheists, the activist group which posts controversial messages at every opportunity on billboards across the nation, has just unveiled it … [Read more...]