So Fidel Castro Wants Some Books to Read….


On March 29, Pope Benedict XVI met with former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Wouldn’t it have been fun to be a fly on the wall during that meeting?We know that the ailing Cuban leader was upbeat, praising the Holy Father for his stamina. (Fidel Castro, who is just a year older than the Pope, was forced by health issues to retire from public life in 2008.)Castro expressed his appreciation for the work of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Blessed Pope John Paul II, noting that each had d … [Read more...]

Offensive? Really, Facebook, You've Got to Be Kidding!

Well, this was a first for me:  Today Facebook deleted a post I’d written, telling me that I’d offended community standards, and warning me that I should delete any other offensive content on my wall, or risk being permanently removed from Facebook.It’s been a few weeks since the post in question, so I am no longer able to go back and retrieve the conversation—but this is exactly what I said in my "hateful, offensive" post: Just poppin' in here a little late-- but I want to understand what I'm … [Read more...]

Atheist Teaches Bible Stories With R-Rated Legos!

This is a story that's just hard to believe:  That an atheist would create obscene pictographs of Lego people in sexual situations, publish them as "Bible stories," and expect us to like it.Brendan Powell Smith, the artist/author in question, did just that.  I wrote about some of the scintillating pictures today over at Patheos.Under "The Law" for example, there are sections on: Sexual dischargesLeviticus 15:16 "When a man ejaculates semen . . ." (the scene is of a Lego man mast … [Read more...]