“PERFECT”: ESPN’s Dramatic Story of How Down Syndrome Daughter Won Her Father’s Heart


“Have an abortion,” Heath White urged his wife.  The couple already had one beautiful little girl, and they had just learned that their second child would be born with Down Syndrome.He was, by any measure, a success:  an ace military pilot, a marathon runner, a respected businessman.  Heath feared how having an “imperfect” child, a daughter with Down Syndrome, would reflect on him.  His wife Jennifer, though, was firmly pro-life and refused to abort the child, even though she feared continuin … [Read more...]

The Tebow Phenomenon: Two Kinds of Prejudice

I know—I’m coming really late to the dance. In the last several months, everyone and his brother has jumped into the fray to beat up on Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback Tim Tebow.Actually, though, what I want to do is something quite different:  I want to use this winsome young man as a foil, merely to talk about PREJUDICE.I have in mind two kinds of prejudice:Prejudice Against Faith.  The prejudice against Tim Tebow and, by extension, against all people of faith.  The prejudice … [Read more...]